Resetting password

Resetting the password allows you to set a new password without having to authenticate or if you have forgotten your current password or your account has expired because you haven't changed your password in the specified time. You can reset your password using the link sent to the pre-specified private e-mail address. Password resetting procedure with private e-mail address can be activated during your eKonto activation or at any time after logging into your account. If you have not activated this procedure, or you can not use it for any other reason, you must enter the unlock code to reset your password.

Enter your account name (name.surname@domena).

You don't need to specify the unlock code if you want to use the password resetting procedure with private e-mail address.
The unlock code is located on the eKonto User Card that you can obtain in the designated place.

Enter the unlock code.

eKonto User Cards issuance places

The eKonto User Card is needed to activate your eKonto or reset the password. To get your eKonto User Card, you must go in person to the appropriate eKonto User Card issuance place.

Pracownicy Politechniki Poznańskiej

The place of collecting eKonto User Card depends on the purpose - eKonto activation or password resetting. Employee group includes also people working based on civil law contracts.
Employees should take their Employee Identity Card or other identity document with them.

eKonta activation

For eKonto activation, Poznan University of Technology staff should go in person to Human Resources Office located in the Rectorate building on pl. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5, room 106.
Opening hours: 7:00–15:00 Monday to Friday.

Password reset

For password resetting, Poznan University of Technology staff should go in person to the Services and Exploitation Office, located on Piotrowo 3a Street (high building without clock), room 211B or to the Rectorate building located on pl. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5, room 010.
Opening hours: 7:00–15:00 Monday to Friday.

Students and doctoral students of Poznan University of Technology

Students and doctoral students students should go in person to their appropriate faculty deanery.
Students and doctoral students should take their Student Identity Card with them.

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